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   Luca Tichelman

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a low budget spectacle
(2023) Performance 

Luca Tichelman

A half-hour playbacked monologue.  MY ALL is a compilation of anecdotes.
The stories within the collection prompt questions about the authenticity of memories and the role of perception in shaping them.
Is memory mutable? Can we play with reality and memories without compromising their truth?
Are imagined memories less real or does the human condition of imagining consist of some kind of legit reality?
Each anecdote is accompanied by a carefully chosen object, whether small or substantial, which the performer presents while narrating the story.


A low budget spectacle

A story like many others

Once  upon a time 

There once was a…

Here I Am

There you are

Here we are

How does one tell the story of one's own ?

Questions questions questions on and on and on

Does anybody know what we are living for ?

In the beginning,

Not much


Plenty to work with.”