(2015) Theater play / Performance

From and by

Adina Macpherson
Luca Tichelman

A performance in which two young women ask themselves who they are,
what they are, what they are expected to be and who they want to be.
A personal and rhythmical performance about dreams, desires and their reality.

ADINA: Oh my dear

LUCA: you wish for so many things…

ADINA: And you really don’t get any of them, do you?

LUCA: because the world has a wish of it’s own…

ADINA: all you may do, really, is stand by, in a kind of horror, until the world is finished and you can collect whatever remains.

LUCA: It must be awful to believe that.

ADINA: Luca, you revise and revise and revise the thing you want… and what are you left with?

LUCA: the other things you want, the trick is wanting a lot of things.

A: What if, maybe, i only think i’m Adina and that in fact i’m Luca and you’re Adina and that somehow we got it all mixed up, tragically.”